Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another year has gone by...

Soooo, I've made several attempts to post to our blog only to never finish any of them and now I've spent a whole year with a resolution to be better at keeping up with it and I'm pretty sure I've actually done worse. :-) Resolutions are not a good idea for me. I have such a hard time making a resolution that I can follow through on. Oh well....

So our review:
It seemed like the year went by so slow but here it is mid-December and I can't believe the year is almost over.
Little A turned 3 this year. He's gotten so BIG and tries to be a good helper most of the time! He loves to go to Disney World aka "Mickey's house". He rode his first roller-coaster about two weeks ago and he LOVED it!! I was scared the whole time that he was going to fly out of the seat so I held on to him for dear life, but once it was over he didn't want to get off. He also loves to go play at his friends house, but recently got into a scuffle with their dog. He had two cuts on his nose and one on the inside of his upper lip - it was very traumatic when it happened, but the next morning he was ready to go back over to their house. :-) Little A also loves Disney/Pixar movies, trains, cars, and reading books. He has recently taken to daddy's ipad and Alex is afraid that he's lost some ownership of it! A's favorite foods are Nutrigrain bars, cheese, and yogurt; and he LOVES apple juice and milk shakes (I might add that he hasn't yet figured out that chocolate milk and a milkshake are two different things!! This definitely works in my favor!). But I often find it very hard to get him to eat much of anything else. He is very mischievous at times - but he's a boy, right?! He is too smart for his own good (this does not work in my favor!!).

For Alex... well he's down to only having a year left to finish his Bachelors degree and then we are unsure what we are going to do, but our hopes and dreams are to move back towards Athens :-) He recently got a promotion at work. He is now the Guest Care Coordinator for the Orlando World Center Marriott... so he spends his evenings mostly dealing with complaints ha-ha. He and his friend Jared are also in the process of starting their own business: DormBoxes. Their website should be up and running soon as they would like to launch and have everything ready to open doors beginning Summer 2012. He stays pretty busy with work, school, church stuff, and this business venture but he loves those crazy shows about pickin' and gold digging and buying storage space.... it beats me..... :-)

As for myself, I have to say this year has been pretty good. Nothing amazing happened but nothing terrible either. I got prepared and took my teacher certification test early in the year, looked all summer and fall for a job and finally just last month I decided to take the Sub-workshop... so far I've had no luck what-so-ever. Things got pretty bad at the center where I was working so after much deliberation, and prayer... and a few in depth discussions with Alex... we decided that it would just be better if I left. I quit and am now at home with A. I am waiting to either find a position somewhere or possibly have another baby... I am just not sure what the Lord has in store right now. I love getting to make cool clothing and accessories, baby gear, blankets, home decorations... but I wish it could be profitable. My good friend Nikki and I have opened an etsy shop: OliveandPomegranate though we have hardly any merchandise yet. If interested keep looking out for new things, we would definitely appreciate the business!! Otherwise, I am just looking to enjoy this time with my little boy :-)

Though I am often a pessimistic person or what I like to call a "realist" lol I do like to look back and think of what I have to be grateful for... especially at this time of year. My good friend lost her dad in November and I can't even imagine what that is like, but I know that this life isn't the end and they will see each other again. I'm grateful for my family and that I have them everyday - I often take them for granted and hope that they know how much I DO love and appreciate them. I'm grateful for health, for the place and the lifestyle I get to live. I am so thankful that Jesus Christ was born and that he was willing to be our Savior.

My hopes for the New Year are:
To definitely keep this blog up at a much better pace, but I'm not making it a resolution!!
To possibly get my feet wet in the school system so that where ever we may end up I will be more prepared for a "real job" IF that is what Heavenly Father has planned for me.
To possibly welcome another little Perschka to the world... ?!
To "settle down" somewhere... fairly close to home (in a home of our own?)

Those are just a few... Check back soon for photos and hopefully I will promptly post about our Christmases with the family :-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year, New Resolution

Since I have been so terrible at blogging the last oh three months I have decided that now would be a good time to write. Our year in review has been a good one. Not the best ever, but definitely not terrible. We moved to a new place and though we miss our family and our "hometown" we've grown as a family and Alex has grown as a student and as a professional. I got a job and made some new friends which I am SO grateful for, we are active and involved in our church and have met some amazing people through that medium as well. All in all we are so thankful for everything the year has brought us and for all the blessings we've received.
I have never been one for new years resolutions but I feel inspired this year to make a few. A couple years ago Valerie had this idea to make a resolution for each month ~ not necessarily something that HAD to change or be "resolved" but just things to work on. While I have come up with no where near 12 things I have thought of a couple.

First and foremost, I want to take my certification test and become certified in Florida to teach Kindergarten through Third Grade. I want to find a position in a school close to Celebration though it would be even better if I were lucky enough to land a job in Celebration!! I have gotten my study materials and the funding (thanks to Oma and Opa) and I will be registering soon for my exam. Wish me LUCK!!

Other goals I have made for this year are to cut down on the amount of soda we drink. I am sort of ashamed to say it but I definitely drink too much coke. It is something I have been thinking about a lot lately because Avery knows what it is now and though he doesn't generally ask for it I don't want him to start wanting it regularly.

I would like for us to get out more with people here from our church. I think we never get invited to things because we are always busy. Alex is a student and so he works at night and most weekends - generally when activities are being held... therefore when we are asked we generally have to say no... and people stop asking after a while. I also work during the day so it's hard for me to go to play group and all that. I thought moving to a new place would allow us to make more friends at church but it's been pretty much about the same as back home  :(

I would like to get into better shape. I know, cliche resolution, huh? It's not that I really want to loose weight because I've lost about 6 lbs in the year we've been here - how and where from I have no idea - but I'd just like to be more fit.

We have one other goal and that is to use our Disney Annual Passes at least once a month!! What are some of your resolutions?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Avery!

We have had so much going on lately that I have to write about! So, can we talk about Disney?! We took Avery to Disney for the first time on his birthday and it was a lot of fun. Alex and I have not been since we got engaged there in March of '07. My family came down and Alex and I took the day off on Friday and we spent a good part of the day taking Avery around Magic Kingdom to see characters and ride on the kiddie rides. Can I just say that he LOVED it?! I guess that's probably typical for a child visiting the most magical place on earth, right? I think he liked the rides more than anything... every time it was time to get off he would either cry or try and make a break for it to get back on! He LOVES Mickey and all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters and he was so excited to see them until we got up close and they were life size - then he got a little freaked out and wanted to hide behind me. :)
Here are some pictures from our day!

Samie and I on the race cars
Avery "driving" his and Alex's race car
Food and Wine Festival at Epcot!
Alex and I, three years and several pounds later :)
With Mickey and Minnie!

Us with Frontier Donald.

What a Great Day!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I cannot believe that it is already the end of October. Avery's birthday is next week and he will be 2 years old!! Time literally flies by. I am shocked everyday by how much he has grown, how smart he is getting, and how much he is talking. Our families will be coming to visit soon for Avery's birthday and we are taking him to Disney for the very first time. We are all so excited - I just know he's going to love seeing all the characters and the rides. I will post all about it and pictures as soon as possible!
So, just a little update on what we've been doing recently. We got Avery's Halloween costume - he is going to be a giraffe and it is SOOOOO cute. I will post pictures after he officially wears it (we have tried it on him, but I feel like I can't post pics till after Halloween)!! We went to the Pumpkin Patch here in Celebration and got a small one for Avery. He carries it around every where; it's like his little best friend ha-ha.
Here are some pictures from recently

Avery and daddy
This is the one we picked!!
Align Center
Surprisingly, this only took two tries!! I can't believe it actually turned out because Avery was too short and I am holding him LOL.
Avery and Pooh Bear :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Disney on Ice

Earlier this month I got the amazing experience of taking Avery to see Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 at the Amway Arena here in Orlando. Our neighbors are so amazing - they couldn't go and so they gave us three tickets to see the show for free. Unfortunately, Alex had to work that night and I was really hesitant to take Avery by myself because it was a 7:30 showing... so I called a few family members that live relatively close. Because of such short notice no one was available and I decided that we had gotten really lucky with these and I didn't want the tickets to go to waste. I thought I'd just take Avery to see the first half and then we could leave at the intermission.
For a drive that is usually about 30-45 minutes, the traffic was really light and it took hardly no time to get there. We got there about an hour before the show was supposed to start and Avery had a lot of fun just watching people. The show started and it was SO exciting!! Avery got to see his favorite Disney Characters: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald and yelled out their names as they skated into the rink. He also recognized Woody, Buzz and Rex. He did so good! He sat on my lap the whole time and was almost entranced by the show. We actually ended up staying for the whole show and luckily, we had REALLY good seats and were parked close to the door and the exit; we got home in good time and we had so much fun together. I am SO glad I didn't decide not to go and SO thankful our neighbors thought of us when they couldn't use their tickets. :)

These are some of the pictures. Unfortunately, our camera was left at my parents house when we were last back home so these are taken with my blackberry ~ considering that I think some of them actually turned out pretty good. Enjoy!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day to Remember

It seems I am writing on a Monthly basis now....? I actually have a bunch to write about which I will do tomorrow but I just wanted to say that I am SO thankful for our men and women who are in the service of our country. What a selfless thing to do. I wish I had half as much courage as so many who are in our armed forces.
I also wanted to take a minute to reflect and think about all the people who have lost their lives not only at the World. Trade. Center but all those who have died for our country since then. I'm thinking about our good friends Jared and Katy and the Reeves family who lost a son and a brother during his service.

I remember I was in the car with my dad on the way back from a Doctor's appointment; he was taking me to school. I was irritated because, as usual, he was listening to talk radio - something about planes - and I just wanted to listen to music. It was my Sophomore year and when I returned to school I was sent to French class. Every room had their TV's turned to the news coverage of planes flying simultaneously into the two World Trade Center towers. We all just sat there our eyes glued to the television and I realized that this must have been what my dad was listening to in the car.
Every year I think about that day and all the things that we sometimes take for granted. All the people that died that day in 2001 and all those who have died fighting for our country.... they can't be mad at their dads for not letting them listen to music, they can't enjoy little moments with their spouse or child, they can't read a good book or have a much needed cry. I think that one of the greatest things we can learn from what happened on this day 9 years ago is that you never ever know what the next day brings or when it will be your last day and so... carpe diem people!!!

Oh and congrats to previously named friends on the new digs. What's next..... a baby?! ;)